19 DIY Seashell Wreath Ideas

Use your shells to make a one of a kind seashell wreath! Here is a selection of gorgeous shell wreaths to inspire your own.

Simple DIY Clam Shell Wreath
Simple DIY Clam Shell Wreath made with a flat wood floral craft ring. Shells are then adhered onto the wreath form with Hot Glue

Handmade DIY Shell Wreath Ideas
DIY shell wreath via Heather Krout. This handmade shell wreath was created by simply hot glueing shells onto a wreath form. You can use a dense styrofoam ring (round or flat), a natural wreath form such as a Grapevine Wreath, or a Wire Wreath Form.

Shell Wreath Idea with Blue Burlap Ribbon
This Shell Wreath demonstrates how a blue burlap ribbon can bring an extra beachy touch to a shell wreath. 

DIY Seashell Wreath Tutorials
A 12 inch DIY Seashell Wreath made with a circular styrofoam, hot glue, ribbon and, of course, plenty of seashells in a variety of sizes. Since this wreath form is only 12 inches, shells used are medium size.

How to Make a Seashell Wreath
Same type of shells were used to make this Seashell Wreath and they suspended a sign in the center of the seashell wreath as well.

Make a Shell Wreath
Another example of a dense Shell Wreath that features all kinds of shells.  

Flat Foam Wreath Form to Make Shell Wreath
To make this Shell Wreath, a flat foam wreath form was covered with ribbon. The shell wreath was also hung with the same ribbon.

driftwood and shell wreath
Gorgeous Sunburst Style mixed wreath using driftwood and shells found during adventurous beach walks along the Northwest shores. For more details visit Everything Coastal.

DIY Seashell Wreath

Beach Wreath
Shell Wreath with a Vintage Beach Postcard tucked in the middle from Barbara Jacksier's book Waterside Cottage.

summer wreath on front door
Another wonderful mixed shell wreath using Burlap Ribbon. Original source no longer available. 

Straw Hat Wreath Shell Wreath Summer Wreaths
Decorating with Straw Hats is a fun thing to do, especially in the summer and in warm climate areas. So consider a straw hat as your wreath form!

Seashell Succulent Wreath Tutorial
Shells and succulents come together with this great Seashell Wreath, made with faux succulents. A grapevine wreath form and Hot Glue was used for this wreath. Tip: always start with the largest shells first!

DIY Mini Shell Wreath Oyster Wreath Ideas
Mini Oyster Shell Wreath made with textural, grayish blue shells collected on North Carolina beaches. A wire wreath form was used for this DIY mini shell wreath to make sure it would hold up to the weight of the shells. The wire frame was wrapped in several strips of canvas to give a surface for adhering the shells.

Oyster Shell Wreath

Unique  Blue Dyed Ombre Shell Wreath Idea by Martha Stewart. They used a variety of shell sizes for this minimalist wreath. The ombre effect was achieved by simply soaking the shells in a natural dye made from purple cabbage!  

Mussel shell wreath
A Mussel Shell Wreath made from shells collected on the beach of Chebague Island, ME. This shell wreath is made with a wire wreath from a craft store. Mussel shells were attached with hot glue.

They made their own wreath form from cardboard for this Shell Wreath, and wrapped it with twine. This is a great idea for a smaller seashell wreath.