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Long before Kamichia decided to advertise her store Glass Float Junkie here on Completely Coastal I knew about her.

Japanese Fishing Floats
Admiring her passion for collecting glass fishing floats!

beach in Alaska
And this is just how passionate Kamichia is about finding these (forever fascinating to me) beauties. She flies out to her "secret" beaches in Alaska.

Japanese glass floats on beach
Sometimes she is able to pick up hundreds of fishing floats in one spot. Many are just sitting on the beach, others are buried in the sand, or lying in the beach grass. Amazing! These floats spend years traveling the ocean currents and then the surf tosses them on to a desolate beach, she explains.

authentic green glass float
So if you want authentic beachcombed Japanese fishing floats as well as Korean floats for your home, visit Glass Float Junkie on Etsy. Custom orders are also available. Kamichia's got quite a supply of different shapes, sizes and colors. To get an idea, check out her Photo Gallery.

fishing floats
The float on the left for example is a so called Hokkaido roller, and just under 5" long. The other one is the size of a golf ball and has the original net on it.

glass floats in vase
Small fishing floats look gorgeous as a group in a tall vase placed on a window sill with the light shining through, seen @ Shibui Home.

fishing glass floats in vase
Or add a few to a flower vase.

glass floats with netting hanging
And the ones with netting are perfect for hanging, via Light Locations. To see more fishing float displays, please visit the following posts:
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