Wrapped & Decorated Coastal Wire Wreaths | Shop & DIY Starfish & Anchor Shaped Wire Wreath Frames

Shop or DIY these coastal and sea inspired starfish and anchor wire wreaths.

Coastal Wire Wreath Frames Starfish Shape Anchor Shaped
Includes Video Tutorial

The base of these starfish and anchor wreaths are wire frames. You can purchase coastal shaped wire wreath frames online and wrap & decorate them yourself or shop decorated starfish and anchor shaped wire wreaths on Etsy. 

Above link takes you to a tutorial for a beautifully DIY jute wrapped starfish wire frame. And below you will find sources where to buy coastal and sea inspired wire wreath frames as well as shopping links to Etsy stores that sell decorated starfish and anchor wire wreaths. Starfish and anchor shaped wire wreath frames seem to be the only shapes readily available. Both are great motifs of the sea! 

Starfish and Anchor Wire Wreath Frames

Below are lovely starfish and anchor wire wreaths that you can purchase or use as inspiration for your own coastal wire frame wreath. 

Starfish Shaped Wire Wreath

Anchor Wire Wreath