Beach Sand Collections in Bottles, Jars & Vases

Do you collect sand from beaches? Take a look at these beach sand collections in bottles, jars, and other containers.

sand bottles on shelf
Sand bottles lined up on a wall shelf. Via Bellini Pics.

sand collection in bottles
The Nautical Chart of this inbuilt shelf makes the perfect backdrop for a sand collection in bottles. Via Houzz.

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Beach sand bottles, small or tall, are a great way to Memorize a Beach Trip, or simply to capture your favorite beach. 

beach sand collection in bottles
Beach sand collections in special bottles for special memories. Via Facebook.

beach sand bottle collection
A beach sand collection in bottles from around the world; from pebbles in parts of Europe, to broken coral and shells from some islands. Original source no longer available.

beach sand in spice jars
Sand Collection in spice jars.

Dozens of canning jars filled with sand from beaches from around the world by Bakerella via Flickr. The sand from Destin (FL) is the whitest.

sand in test tubes
Some have a scientific system down and sort their beach sand by how white the sand is. You can see and learn more about this collection on Flickr.

collecting sand in bottles
Cocktail bottles now filled with Collected Sand from travels.

sand collection in bottles
This Sand Collection was started 15 years ago and consists of close to hundred bottles. It also includes sand from other places like the Death Valley, for example. Vintage tags were used to label the sand bottles.

sand jars on shelves
Some people build custom shelves for their sand jars. See here.

jars with beach sand
A sand collections in shapely glass jars on a shelf. Source is no longer available.

mini beach sand bottles
More cute mini bottles. Seen on Flickr.

sand in vase
And this cool sand display idea makes for an interesting pattern. Seen HERE.

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Then, you might be interested in this NY Times article. It talks about why beach sand is different, coarse on the northern shores of the East coast, and much finer down in Florida.