Ralph Lauren Home -Chic Seaside in Blue and White

Ralph Lauren has always done the nautical seaside theme well and elegantly, even though he is a cowboy at heart.

Ralph Lauren made history as the first fashion designer to launch an entire home collection in 1987.

Ralph Lauren Home seaside collection Le Grand Hotel
Ralph Lauren's Le Grand Hotel Collection from 2010 was a dramatic interpretation of a French Riviera Hotel in a palette of sophisticated navy blue and white.

Ralph Lauren Home La Plage collection
His 2011 La Plage Collection was inspired by the strip of shoreline just beyond the Grand Hotel steps. Classic summer style seaside blue and white.

La Plage by Ralph Lauren
La Plage (the beach) was an artful mix of chic and rustic.

Ralph Lauren Rosecliff Collection
His 2012 Rosecliff Collection is all about the relaxed romance of a turn-of-the-century seaside manor. Rosecliff is located in Newport RI.

Ralph Lauren home Jamaica
And a peek into Ralph Lauren seaside home in Jamaica. You can take the full tour at Architectural Digest. Crisp whites, blue, and natural materials.

Ralph Lauren in Jamaica
Ralph Lauren and his wife, Ricky, bought the Jamaican villa near Montego Bay, some 20 years ago. "It feels like paradise," they say. "We go there as often as we can escape."