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For anyone who wants a dramatic outdoor light, here are some wine bottle tiki torch oil lamp ideas.

Bottle Tiki Torch Oil Lamps with a Beach and Nautical Theme
Instead of Beachy Candle Lanterns, try a beachy bottle torch lamp. You can find beautiful Wine Bottle Tiki Torches on Etsy to buy. And for the do it yourselfer there is a great youtube tutorial at the end of this post.

Wine Tiki Torch Lamp with Seaglass
Lovely Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Oil Lamps from Seaglass Recreations.

Net Bottle Tiki Torch
A wall mounted wine bottle Tiki torch oil lamp with netting. Source no longer available.

Painted Bottle Tiki Torch Lamp
Any type of bottle works, not only wine bottles. This is a painted Bacardi bottle Tiki torch lamp from Kitchen Bar Home Decor.

To make a wine bottle Tiki torch oil lamp you'll need Tiki replacement wicks (or thick cotton rope) and brass couplings. Fill the bottle with some sand, pebbles or Seaglass, not only for the beach appeal, but also so you don’t have to use as much torch fuel. For the written tutorial, head over to BuzzFeed. White Space

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