Tiki Torch Oil Lamps with a Nautical Beach Theme Using Wine Bottles & Jars | Shop or DIY

For anyone who wants a dramatic outdoor light, here are some tiki torch oil lamp ideas with a coastal theme, from bottles to blue jars.

Bottle Tiki Torch Oil Lamps with a Beach and Nautical Theme
Instead of Beachy Candle Lanterns, brighten up your night with a beachy tiki torch light. These tabletop (or wall mounted) tiki torch lights give you a great open flame experience. They are like a mini Beach Bonfire.

Nautical Blue Glass Tabletop Tiki Torch Lights

Wine Tiki Torch Lamp with Seaglass
Creating beachy wine bottle tiki torch oil lamps is as easy as adding some sand, crushed shells and seaglass pieces to the bottom of the bottle. Filling the bottle lamp with beachy goodness is not only pretty, you also make the bottle heavier/more stable, and you will need less torch fuel. Seen HERE. A link to a detailed tutorial is posted at the end of this post.

Blue Mason Jars Citronella Tiki Torch Light to Keep Bugs Away
DIY Mason Jars by eHow are filled with citronella tiki torch fuel that keeps the bugs away and adds an oceanic vibe at the same time. To really beach up with adorable Mason jar tiki torch lamps use blue Mason jars and/or add some small seashells! Source for bottom image unknown. You might also enjoy these DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lights.

Net Bottle Tiki Torch
A wall mounted wine bottle Tiki torch oil lamp with netting. Source no longer available.

Painted Bottle Tiki Torch Lamp
Any type of bottle works, not only wine bottles. This is a painted Bacardi bottle Tiki torch lamp from Kitchen Bar Home Decor.

To make a wine bottle Tiki torch oil lamp you'll need Tiki replacement wicks (or thick cotton rope) and brass couplings. For a detailed tutorial on how to make nifty bottle Tiki torch oil lamps, head over to BuzzFeed.