Decorating Ideas with Wooden Oars & Paddles Wall Decor, Racks, Handrails & more

Stylish and interesting decorating ideas with wooden oars for coastal and nautical decor.

Decorating with Oars is a fun and dimensional way to bring home the nautical theme. And oars can be pretty functional too. From oar racks to curtain rods to handrails. People are finding creative uses for oars, be it antique oars or whimsical oar paddles. The most popular way of decorating with wooden oars is to use them as wall decor. A single oar mounted on the wall, or a few oars arranged together in various ways. Crossing oars is commonly seen also. Oar decor above sofa idea via Coastal Living.

Oars Wall Decor Living Room Idea Crossed Oar Paddles
Crossed oars wall decor idea in a Pottery Barn Living Room.

Oars accentuate windows, similar to a valance.

Oar Curtain Rod Window Treatment Idea Nautical Paddle
Great idea. An Oar as a Curtain Rod.

Oar Wall Decor Crossed Above Bed Headboard
Oar decor above the bed in a Coastal Beach Villa.

oars in bedroom
Or how about sleeping with oars? Click link for 8 stylish examples. Here a casual display above the headboard. The space above the headboard is ideal for oars.

How to Hang Oar Paddles Like a Pro
Decorative oars can be mounted on the wall in different ways. Sleek and chic without any visible hardware or with exposed hardware. Those are the 2 most popular ways to hang wall oars.

Wood Oar Paddles Headboard Bedroom Nautical
Go big with oar decor and make or Shop an Oar Paddle Headboard.

Painted Oars

oar in bathroom
Decorating with oars can be as creative as you want it to be, finding spots that one would not normally use to display anything.

oar as towel rod
Oars are repurposed into towel rods in a cottage, featured at Cafe Chatelaine.

oars hanging over fireplace
The space above the fireplace is a great place for oar decor. Via Coastal Living.

oar on top of bannister railing
Adding interest to a baluster with an oar. Spotted here.

oar rack
Beautiful functional oar decor with an oar wall rack. Seen in a Beach Cottage. The white washed look is perfect for an airy beach cottage design.

Oar Stair Railing Ideas Home Decor
An oar as a stair railing, seen in a coastal cottage at Country Living.

oars as handrails for stair
Oar handrails with a bend. Seen at Sunset.

oar handrail
And an oar handrail for an outdoor staircase. Oar decor idea from Coastal Living.

All these oar and paddle decor ideas are very doable and will add nautical seafaring charm to your home. Oar decor works for any interior style, be it rustic cottage or modern coastal.