How to Hang Oars (and Paddles) on a Wall Like a Pro

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I showed you many pictures of rooms with oars on walls (Decorating, Painted, Bedroom, and Wall Racks), now I have my own pair of oars hanging on the wall in the bedroom, right above the headboard. So today I'm going to share how to hang oars on a wall like a pro.

oar on wall above headboard
This super easy and clean oar hanging method is used in the sign industry!

How to Hang Oars & Paddles on a Wall Like a Pro

how to hang oars
To hang oars or paddles on the wall like this does require to drill two holes in each oar (see arrows). I didn't mind at all since I now want my oars as wall decor (no intention to have them lean again). First, make a template for each oar, then mark hole positions (same for both templates). Use the template to now mark the hole positions on the oars. Drill the holes to the size of the threaded stud (we used 3 inch long, 1/4" thick).

hang oars with bolts
Here's a close up of the stud. About 3/4 of an inch goes into the oar. Make sure the holes you drill are a tight fit. We secured the studs (permanently) with wood glue. Once we found the perfect positioning, we taped the templates to the wall and drilled through the marked holes into the wall. Use the same size drill bit for this.

drill oars
To hang oars, simply push the studs all the way into the holes in the wall. It's a rock solid hanging method!

oars hanging on wall
I love how clean it looks. To get a glimpse where this pair of old oars resided in our old home, click here and here. White Space White Space

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