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Don't want to Create your Own Oar Decor, but you love the look? Here are some decorative oars that you can purchase -ready to hang on your wall.

Buy Decorative Painted Oar Paddles for Wall Decor
Decorative oars make great wall decor, arranged in all kinds of ways, and they can have function too. A popular way to decorate with oars is to use them as wall coat racks. There is a selection of ready made wall oars with hooks, or if you don't find what you are looking for, simply purchase a decorative oar and add the hooks yourself.   

Painted Oar Wall Decor
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Both stores have a large selection of decorative oars,
including a few oar wall racks with hooks. 

Wooden Decorative Oars

Painted Oars
A bunch of small oar paddles displayed as a Striking Gallery Wall

Hand Painted Rustic Wood Oar Paddles Wall Decor Nautical

Oar Decor

Rustic Painted Oar Paddles Choose Color

Painted Art Oars Wall Decor

Painted Oar Paddle Wall Rack

Personalized Custom Name Oar Plaque Wall Paddle

Wood Oar Paddle Coast Wall Rack Hooks

Oars with Hooks Vertical
Vertical oar coat rack from Wayfair's Nautical Rack Collection

Wood Oar Paddle Headboard

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