20 Unique Gallery Wall Ideas with a Coastal & Nautical Theme

Coastal Gallery Walls are not limited to pictures. Here are some great and unique coastal and nautical gallery wall ideas created with anything you can imagine.

Nautical Gallery Wall with Oars
Painted Oars Gallery Wall (shop the look). Via Coastal Vintage.

Driftwood Gallery Wall Display
Painted driftwood by Dolan Geiman.

Nautical Gallery Wall
Bring on the Buoys and create a fun nautical gallery wall. Original source unknown.

Vintage Bathing Suits Wall Decor
Vintage bathing suits gallery wall. Via KD Hamtpons.

Framed Beach Memories Wall Decor Idea
A gallery wall of Beach Memories.

beach box sign gallery wall
A coastal gallery wall create with Beach Box Signs from Primitives by Kathy.

Beach Pictures Gallery Wall
Beach pictures flanked by oars by Breezy Designs.

Straw Hats Gallery Wall
Playful gallery wall idea with a summer vibe, using Straw Hats.

Above the Sofa Gallery Wall
A living room wall Decorated with Life Preserver Rings. By Casa Bella Home.

Stairway Gallery Wall
A grouping of Silver Fish Wall Sculptures, featured on School of Fish Wall Art & Decor. Original source of image unknown.

Nautical Chart and Ship Wheel Gallery Wall
Nautical Chart Gallery Wall with a Ship Wheel in the center.

Nautical Pulleys as Wall Decor
A row of nautical pulleys along the stairway in a New England Home.

Porthole Mirrors and Oars Wall Decor Idea
Nautical Gallery Wall with Porthole Mirrors and Decorative Oars.

Coastal Gallery Wall with Driftwood Mirrors
Coastal gallery wall idea with Sunburst Driftwood Mirrors and rectangular mirrors. Original source no longer available.

Decorating with Sailor Valentines
An idea with Sailor Valentines.

Displaying Model Ships on the Wall
A Model Ships Display over a mural. Via Restyle Source.

Fish Wall Plates
Playful School of Fish Plates make a splash in a dining room.

Art Sculptures Gallery Wall
And don't forget your Outdoor Space. Here are a few coastal gallery wall ideas for the porch, starting with sculptures by The Iron Fish.

Buoy Decor on the Porch
A mix nautical things via T-Cozy.

Beach Signs Gallery Wall
And a display of Beach Signs by Tobi Tobin Desgin in a Malibu cottage.

You can create a stunning and unique coastal nautical gallery wall pretty much with anything anywhere.