8 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas with Oars -Sleeping with Oars

You can use Oar Decor in any room of the home. Here are some creative bedroom wall decor ideas with oars.

Oar Headboard Wall Decor Idea
Oar Headboard from Castaways Hall. A striking look for a headboard with a row of rustic wooden oars.

oar wall decor ideas for bedroom
A more popular and easier solution is this bedroom wall decor idea with oars. The oars are neatly mounted above the bed, seen here. Learn How to Hang Oars like a Pro.

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oar wall decor above bed
If you have the height, this oar wall decor idea is something you might want to do. Seen in the Pacific Edge Beach Villa.

decorative oar wall decor ideas for the bedroom
And another stylish oar wall decor idea, featured on 16 Chic Nautical Bedrooms.

nautical wall decor ideas for bedroom with wooden oars
Oars wedged behind the nightstand! A creative bedroom decor idea via Flickr.

decorating bedroom with vintage oars
Leaning oars at A Beach Cottage.

oar decor in bedroom
Here the oars are place behind the bed. All these leaning ideas have the advantage of keeping your walls free of marks, and you can rearrange the oars whenever you want to change things up a bit.

boy room with oars
And lastly, a wall decor idea with oars for a nautical theme boy's bedroom.