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Coastal Beach Villa at Pacific Edge Hotel in California

The name gives it away. The coastal beach villa of the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach, California, sits right on the edge of the ocean. The view is expansive and the interiors are done in soothing blue, white and sand colors. Just the way I like it.

coastal beach villa at Pacific Edge Hotel CA
The blue of the sea is mirrored in the colors of the drapery, lounging chairs and other accessories, against a neutral canvas of white.

beach villa interiors
Wicker Furniture adds texture, and in this context, makes me think of beach dunes with seagrass.

coastal beach villa
Casual elegance in the dining room. And fun beach art above the fireplace.

coastal hotel bedroom
I like how they hung the Oars, taking full advantage of the height. It draws your eye up to the beautiful ceiling. Once a private home, the coastal beach villa can be reserved as a two-level suite, with a master suite overlooking the Pacific, an additional bedroom, and living and dining areas below. Get packing! Or with the same budget you could create your own version of this beautiful villa right where you are!

Have a relaxing weekend!
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Tricia Rose said...

I love all the blue of the first two pictures, it stops me on white!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

The first picture is what I'd love to use for an inspiration in my dining room.