Indoor Rattan Chairs for Coastal & Beach Style Living

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Give your home a great natural and weathered look with chairs woven from natural rattan, the thin pliable stems of a palm.

Rattan Chairs
Rattan furniture definitely has made its way indoors and rattan chairs are available in many styles, from armless dining room chairs to loungy club chairs. They all have a wonderful relaxed beach vibe.

Rattan Dining Room Chairs with Cushions

Rattan dining room chairs in a Classic Coastal Cottage.

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Rattan Dining Room Chairs

Wicker Dining Room Chairs

Farallon Rattan Chairs

Rattan Barrel Chair in Living Room

Rattan Club Chair

Rattan Club Chairs
Large rattan club chairs in an Australian Coastal Home.

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Large Rattan Club Chairs

Pair of Rattan Club Chairs
Rattan club chairs in a nautical living room via Coastal Living.

Rattan Office Chair
Rattan chair in a Nautical Bedroom.

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Rustic Rattan Tub Chair

More Ideas for Natural Fiber Chairs & Furnishings (woven from rattan and other materials). White Space

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