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Not only do Nantucket baskets come with a rich History, but for me they also conjure up images and memories of summer days in coastal New England. So here are a few Nantucket basket decor ideas and sources where you can buy the baskets.

nantucket baskets with flowers
Nantucket style baskets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. And they make such pretty cache pots!

basket cache pot for Christmas tree
Baskets make pretty cache pots not just for flowers! Via Petal Talk.

nantucket baskets as towel holders
Larger baskets can be used for storage. Via.

nantucket basket holding firewood
Original Nantucket baskets date back to the 1850's and the tradition lives on with today's basket weavers. Via.

nantucket basket as planter cover
It's not surprising that these baskets are now massproduced. Via Lynn Morgan Design.

You've probably seen them around. So below are a few sources where you can buy the baskets, reproductions that is.

Where you can by Nantucket Style Baskets
Handmade Classic Baskets in Different Styles and Sizes by Nantucket Baskets
Handmade Baskets by Nantucket Basket Works

nantucket baskets wall baskets
Fruit and Wall Baskets from Basketville

nantucket basket napkin holders nantucket basket caddies

basket table lamp nantucket basket bath accessory set
Nantucket Basket Decor on Amazon
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