Decorating with a Nautical Color Scheme

A quick guide to decorating with nautical colors.

Nautical Color Scheme Interior Design Tips

Blue & White

The colors most associated with Nautical Decorating are blue and white. But not just any blue. The nautical color blue is a dark rich blue or navy blue that makes for a dramatic contrast with white. It is the most classy and timeless nautical color scheme and look. Dark deep blue like the wide open sea and crisp white like the white yachts gliding over the waters with wind filled white sails. It's easy to see the beauty in that. But dark rich blue and crisp white are not the only nautical decor colors. There are a few other typical nautical colors that can be found on the high seas.

Red, Yellow & Black

Think of the colors used on nautical signal flags. Besides blue and white, you see red, yellow and black. Red is a popular color to add to the nautical decorating theme. It can be found not only on signal flags but on lifesaver rings, buoys and lighthouses. Adding these bold colors to the classic nautical decor colors of blue and white will definitely draw attention and add lots of energy. A tiny dose of yellow is always a fun nautical touch! Just don't go overboard with these bold nautical colors.