Maritime Signal Flag Art as Wall Decor

Bring the bold primary Nautical Colors of red, yellow and blue into your home with these maritime signal flag wall art decor ideas.

framed nautical flag art above sofa in living room
From stylishly framed maritime signal flags to painted wood signal flags, these wall decor ideas will energize your home with a nautical vibe. Living room by Geoff Chick.

flag wall decor bedroom idea
Modern bedroom with framed signal flag prints above the bed. Seen at Elle Decor.

wood signal flag art
Painted wood maritime signal flags arranged as a Gallery Wall make define the dining area. Via Porter Design Company.

Letter Alphabet Maritime Signal Flag Wall Decor to Spell out a Word
There are 26 signal flags, each with a unique color, shape, and pattern, which correspond to a specific letter of the alphabet. Pick any letter from A - Z. Be creative with them. Spell out a name or a saying.

Custom Signal Flag Name Signs

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