Photo to Wallpaper -DIY Walls that Bring the Beach Indoors

Create your beach view with photos to wallpaper.

photo to wallpaper
While standard Beach Photo Murals might not appeal to everyone, these two photo to wallpaper examples look nothing like your standard mural. They are subtle, sublime, and modern. 

 You can't fake an ocean view better than this. Seen at Lonny magazine.

bedroom with photo wallpaper
All four walls are covered with photo wallpaper showing beach grass and the ocean in the distance. It feels as if you are in the middle of beach dunes.

photo wallpaper in dining room
Artist Lulu's photo to wallpaper example is more muralesque since only one wall is covered. But it has the same modern feel due to the photo that was chosen. It really opens up the dining room too. She had her personal photo scaled by Duggal. This room was also featured in Lonny. You could bring this photo wallpaper style to any room, including a hallway, or a small powder room.