Arranging Pictures -Are you Following the Rules?

When it comes to arranging pictures, there are rules to guide you. But sometimes you just have to throw rules to the wind!

Arranging Large Picture
Linda from Lime in a Coconut is a major rule breaker. Large pictures belong in big spaces. But this is a squeeze!

Arranging Small Picture
Put small pictures in corners or narrow spaces. Maybe not narrow enough, but for now I like my little beach umbrella photograph in that spot.

Arranging a Group of Pictures
Even though the standard practice is to hang the pictures at eye level this stacked combo works beautifully. Seen at House Beautiful.

Arranging a dozen Pictures
A way of making a statement on a large wall is to mount a dozen or more identically framed pictures in a common theme placing them very close to one another. Well done!

Arranging a Group of Pictures
Group the pictures into clusters of two or three. Odd numbered groups suggest a focal point while even numbered groups exude a calming and organized effect. Does it feel calming and organized? I'd say it's playful.

Leaning a Picture
My living room again. Another photograph I took. It sits on the floor, leaning against the wall. That's what happens when you can't decide where to hang a picture!

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