Coastal Living Idea House in Seabrook WA

Take a tour of the Coastal Living Idea House 2010.

idea house Coastal Living  in Seabrook
The home is located in Seabrook, WA, an idyllic resort community on 300 coastal acres, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Seabrook sounds just like small town Europe -homes close together, groomed parks, playgrounds, a restaurant, a grocery store, all connected with pedestrian paths.

Coastal Living Idea House 2010 Seabrook WA
The views can be enjoyed from this comfortable porch.

Seabrook House
The Coastal Living Idea House itself is sparse with coastal theme decor items. But the color palette comes straight from the sea. It shows that coastal theme decorating does not have to be so literal.

Color Palette Seashells
I love the muted purple of the mussel shells they used in the house.

master bathroom with nautical art
An expressive piece of art in an unexpected location, providing a beautiful ocean view.

shell colors for decor inspiration
The soothing grey-blue color palette of the bathroom was inspired by oyster shells.

Coastal Living Idea House Living Room
The living room is warm and inviting.

driftwood color palette inspiration
The inspiration came from driftwood which they have plenty of.

Seabrook WA
Bikes are everywhere in Seabrook. Via Meadow Lake Cottage.