Coastal Wall Treatment Ideas for the Bathroom | Wood Panels, Murals, Tiles & More

Make walls the focal point of your coastal bathroom.

Wall Treatment Ideas for the Coastal Bathroom
Here are some creative wall treatment ideas for the bathroom to inspire your own bathroom beach retreat. Cool murals that transport you to the shore, paint ideas with visual impact, wall stickers that are easy to apply, wood panels for a rustic touch, wallpaper, as well as ledge shelf and wall sconce ideas that allow for displays.

Photo Wall Mural Bathroom
Get a Beach Bathroom with a Photo Wall Mural of your favorite beach, enlarged to fit the entire width of a wall. Via House to Home.

Ocean Beach Photo Sticker
Ocean Theme Photo Wall Murals / Stickers from Wayfair.

Horizontal Stripes in Bathroom
Painting Stripes is an easy way to make your bathroom walls stand out. As seen in the Hampton Designer Showhouse 2014.

Chalkboard Wall Bathroom
Here the wall of a bathroom is painted with Chalkboard Paint that allows for lots of creativity, such as drawing in an Ocotopus. Via Apt Therapy.

Anchor Stencil in Bathroom
Use Stencils to decorate a wall. Anchor stencils are from Fab Decals.

Giant Anchor Wall Decal
Or how about a Giant Anchor Wall Decal.

wood paneling idea for beach bathroom
Create an Accent Wall with Wood Paneling.

Coastal Tile Mosaic Sea Life
Have an amazing coastal mosaic installed with tiles by Wet Dog Tile.

If you love the idea of a tile mosaic, check out these Kitchen Backsplash Ideas as well!

Seashell Coastal Wallpaper Bathroom
Go with a Coastal Wallpaper. By Schell Brothers.

DIY Chart Wallpaper
Paste pictures/print outs to your bathroom walls, such as nautical charts, for example. See:  DIY Chart Wallpaper Ideas and Charts to Buy. To learn more about this bathroom, click here.

Ledge Wall Shelf Accent Wall
Install ledge shelving for a wall. Via Lonny.

Ledge Shelving in Bathroom
For even greater visual impact, make the ledge shelving continuous if the bathroom space allows it. More space to Display Shells. Original source unknown.

Decorative Coastal Shelves for Bathroom
Another way to go. Single Decorative Floating Shelves. Idea by Kimberly Hall Creative.

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