Homemade Decorative and Colorful Bath Salts

Homemade decorative bath salts are the ultimate spa gift for sea lovers, and to pamper yourself.

sea salt bath gifts in bottles
A tutorial for Homemade Bath Salts, plus tags to print out.

homemade bath salts
Bath salts are super easy to make and you can mix them up in the most irresistible colors.

bath salts in colors
And they look beautiful in glass containers, or even in plastic bags tied with ribbons, not to mention the health benefits.

homemade sea salt baths in bottles
For these colorful bath salts, one cup of Epsom salt and one cup dead sea salt was used. These Homemade Bath Salts were colored with food coloring.

adding food colors to bath salts
Put the salt in a bowl, add a few drops of food coloring plus a drop of essential oil (lavender, chamomile, sage, orange, or lemon, just to name a few scents) and stir until all blended and oil is absorbed. Then pour the mixture in a nice airtight container that you can decorate at your heart desires. You can find some inspiration here: 8 Ways to Decorate Bottles and Jars Beach Style. Other colors that work well are liquid soap colors, see here.

bath salts spa gift
Martha Stewart's Spa Gift also includes dried fragrant plants. She started with 4 cups of sea salt, mixed in several drops of an aromatic bath oil, then added the plants -and to prevent the dried plants from floating around in the water, put the mixture into spice sachets or organza wedding favor bags.