Homemade Coastal Craft Gift Ideas for Last Minute Gifts

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Here are a few very simple homemade craft gift ideas that you might have fun making last minute.

make sailors knot bracelet
Make a Sailors Knot Bracelet.

homemade shell bookmark
Cute shell bookmark, featured on Beach Crafts.

homemade photo coasters
Make Photo Coasters. They were inspired by these Decoupage Coasters.

spa gift box
Expand on the idea of Homemade Bath Salts and put together an entire Spa Gift Box or basket!

sea quotes in a jar
An Inspirational Jar with Sea Sayings and Quotes.

starfish pillow
Got left over fabric? Stitch up a starfish pillow with personality, featured on Shell Crafts Made in Maine.

embellished wood letters
And on the same post you'll find these Beach Letters, also from Fearless Nesting. Pick someone's initial (or favorite number) and decorate it with your beach finds. I've seen wood letters and numbers at my local craft store.

seashell candles
And one of my favorite homemade craft gift ideas are candles! Just love them, and can't have enough of them in my house ever. So you could take your largest shell and Make a Seashell Candle with it.

embellish candle with starfish
Embellish a Candle.

decorate glass candle
Decorate a Glass Candle.

sea glass candle holder
Or take out your glue gun and Create a Sea Glass Candle Holder.

starfish cookies
And another favorite homemade gift idea of mine. Something home baked in a pretty box! I'm new at baking cookies (believe it or not) and this was my first attempt, using my starfish and shell cookie cutters. I'm still working on the recipe! But check out the clever Pillsbury Sand Dollar Cookies -they would make a great homemade gift!

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Flotsam Friends said...

Fabulous things Maya. Adoring the sea shell letters (what a great thing for me to do on holidays up at the caravan) and the little shell candles are so sweet. Hope all good with you on the Christmas lead up. Exciting time of year. Pruxxx

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

I like them all. I think I have gift projects now for the coming year! I will try to recreate some of them.

Sherri said...

Maya, I love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing them all with us!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You are new at baking cookies? That seems so interestingly odd to me...I guess I thought everyone baked cookies!

You show some great things. I would love to try making the seaglass candle holder...so pretty!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

You know I love that bookmark :)

Deanna said...

What wonderful ideas! I love the candles and the bookmark is to die for! I was out of ideas for gifts for me co-workers but you saved the day...lol!

Great job on your starfish cookies...I'm not a baker either but it sure is fun pretending I know what the heck I'm doing...hahaha!

Holiday Hugs,
Deanna :D

Sharon said...

Love this post!

vicki said...

Maya - this is a fabulous post - I love every idea here. I would love to make the sea glass candle holders and also Lilis beautiful letters. The spa box is also a favorite - I would be happy to have any of these as gifts!


simpledaisy said...

Ooh....love them all!!!
Thanks for including me!!!

theLENNOXX said...

The bookmark is so cute, and I LOVE the idea of making little seashell candles!

Happy weekend Maya!!

xo Linda

Karen @ Ocean Soul said...

I was the lucky recipient of those photo coasters! Luuuuuuuv them! Thank you for including Jukavo's coasters! And I love all the ideas...so inspiring...I want to make all of them! Maya, you keep me very busy! LOL

Lili said...

Oh Maya, I almost forgot about my wonky little starfish pillow! Thanks for including it and my letters on here. I love the spa set and I know someone that could use a bookmark, what a great idea! ~Lili

Shellbelle said...

Lovely beachy goodies! I found some huge clam shells in Sanibel, I just may try making a couple of those candles. i can't believe Christmas is just a week away, where has this year gone?

Holiday Hugs

Love of the Sea said...

Love them all - especially the coastal candle...since Donna made that for me! It is even more beautiful in person.

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