Make a Christmas Tree with Driftwood | Metal Rod in Center

These adorable Christmas trees made with driftwood will make you want to create your own. 

outdoor driftwood Christmas tree
What a nice idea to have a Driftwood Christmas Tree in the yard like this one in Maine. It looks so pretty in the winter snow. Original source no longer available.

driftwood Christmas tree as table centerpiece
Driftwood trees look great as a Table Centerpiece and accent trees anywhere in the home. Make sure to View All Driftwood Tabletop Trees and All Driftwood Christmas Trees, and Shop Driftwood Trees if you don't want to make one. 

It's pretty easy to make a driftwood Christmas tree, and there are two ways of making one.

tutorial with illustration to make a driftwood tree
This illustration from Flickr shows you how to make the tree by drilling holes in all the pieces, then slipping them over a dowel.

driftwood twig trees
Or make a Christmas tree with twig-sized driftwood pieces, using glue only. The instructions for these Trees are straight forward. Create a stable base, then layer driftwood twigs on top, gluing each layer with hot glue. You will probably want to trim or break the twigs to make them shorter as you build the tree up taller. To make the driftwood tees really strong add more glue, such as gorilla glue.