Coastal Christmas Wreath Ideas -Green & Simple!

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I'm loving all these simple green coastal Christmas wreath ideas!

green wreath on door
This coastal wreath hangs from a 3 inch wide silver ribbon. Via My Home Ideas.

A festive green wreath that ties into the decor with a wide red ribbon, decorated with starfish and pine cones. Via Coastal Living.

green nautical wreath with rope
So simple! Using a Boat Rope tied with a Sailor's Knot!

green wreath with shells
Trim the front door with a Beachcomber Wreath, attaching shells into place with floral wire.

green wreath with starfish and sand dollars
A Christmas Wreath Idea with gilded starfish and sand dollars. Snow hasn't fallen here yet in coastal Rhode Island!

green Christmas wreath on picture stand
Melissa of The Inspired Room placed her Green Christmas Wreath on a picture stand. A single white starfish is all you need to dress it up!

small green wreath
Laurie of Heavens Walk has a white theme and this beautiful Mini Wreath is part of her Christmas decor.

green Christmas wreath with starfish
And this festive Green Wreath with a starfish in the center inspired me to change up mine (see below). The tip for leaf wreaths -to make them more interesting, turnover some of the leaves to reveal their backs.

green wreath with lights and starfish
I picked up this starfish on a beach in Connecticut many years ago. It usually just sits on a side table. I used thin twine on three ends to tie it to my (fake) green Christmas wreath that hangs in between windows in the kitchen. Green & simple! White Space White Space

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