Seashell Ornaments -Gold Painted Shells for Christmas

My gold painted shell Christmas ornaments.

gold painted seashell ornament
Martha Stewart's Seashell Christmas Ornaments were the inspiration for my gold painted seashell Christmas ornaments.

beach seashells
I found dozens of these shells on a local beach. The ones with natural holes in them I strung together into a Shell Garland.

drilling hole in seashell
Drilled the Shells with my dremel tool.

spray painting seashells in box
Instant glamour with some gold spray paint.

ornament hangers
There's no logic to my hanging method. I just happened to have a box of ornament hangers, and they worked well. I used craft pearls for the finishing touch.

gold and neutral seashell ornaments on tree

Christmas tree with seashell ornaments

moon shell as tree topper
And a moon shell as a Christmas tree topper.