Top Beach Sand Craft Ideas

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Do you love the feeling of having sand between your toes? These 6 beach sand crafts will remind you of lazy days spent on the beach!

beach sand craft with letters
One of my favorite ways to capture the feeling of beach. Sand covered letters that spell out an inspirational word, Saying or Quote! What words come to mind when you think of the beach? You simply cover the letters with glue, then dip them into the sand, and repeat if needed. These particular letters are cut out from half inch MDF board, but I'm sure your local craft store has them ready made. For all the details go to Craft Goodies.

sand covered terra cotta pot
Cover a Terra Cotta Pot with sand. Gorgeous! By The V Spot.

sand craft idea
And a warm glowing sand craft idea to create a beachy ambiance at night. Simply glue beach sand onto glass votive candle holders. Original source no longer available.

sand craft for vase
Isn't this sand craft idea sand-sational? A vase filled with sand from different beaches by House of Wentworth, featured on Beach Sand Collections. The book Coastal Style includes a lovely vase with layered sand and a candle.

sand craft on the beach with mold
This fun sand craft idea is similar to the everlasting sand impressions many moms have made of their kid's hands and feet. The same idea works with sea treasures. By Red Heads, featured on Sand Plaster Starfish.

beach sand garden
And last but not least, a sand craft idea for the backyard. By far the most elaborate project. But your toes will love this little slice of island paradise! Via HGTV (original source no longer available), featured on 10 Beach Yard Design Ideas that Will Make your Inner Beach Bum Happy.

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Beach House Living said...

Love the backyard idea!

Journey's End (at the Beach) said...

I love them all! have always loved the yard idea, so did my own with shells, but will do letters and candle holder ASAP...

Sherry Calamia said...

I love that backyard island, looks looks like a great spot to relax!

Tricia Rose said...

I have a couple of large jars with souvenir sand as a base for my treasures, but not labelled. The labels take the fun out of it for me!

Domestic Diva said...

Love anything done with sand & shells

Brittany Lauren said...

Great ideas! Every time I go to a new beach, I bottle a little bit up and take it home to remember since I was little. I've got enough of a sand mixture to make a quote out of it! And how relaxing would that back "beach" yard be!

Lili said...

The white tapers in the sand is so romantic looking! Can you imagine doing that at night on the beach!

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