Gallery Worthy Framing Ideas for Shells, Seaglass and Beach Pebbles

I can't get enough of beautifully framed sea treasures.

chic framing of shells
I found these stylish Framing Ideas for Shells, seaglass and beach pebbles on Anke's site Beached Art. Gallery worthy, don't you think! Neatly arranged shells in an unusual and unique pattern make fascinating shell wall art.

chic framing of seaglass
Seaglass artistically put together in a nice range of colors.

stylish framing of beach pebbles
And gorgeous little beach pebbles. No glass used as far as I can tell.

Anke lives in Germany and usually frames beach trash. And as odd as it sounds, considering the subject matter, her art is beautiful. You can see for yourself below.

beach trash art framed
"For me it is very satisfying to combine the daily walk on the beach with a little cleanup and to recycle the plastic litter into art."