My Sea Glass & Shell Bottles

Top of bottles with shells and seaglass for a decorative accent.

sea glass bottle
Vintage Glass Bottles Topped with Seashells as well as Recycled Beach Bottles with Shells are very popular. Here is my simple version of a bottle topped with a seashell and a bottle topped with a piece of seaglass. The Sea glass & shell bottles are made with green mini wine bottles, painted gold. The chunky seaglass piece was a lucky find.

paint wine bottles
The scallop shell is painted gold as well.

wine cork stand
I cut slots into wine bottle corks to serve as stands.

hot glue cork
Then adhered the shell and seaglass with hot glue. This is the backside of the shell.

glue cord around bottle neck
After this, I wrapped (and glued) rope around the bottle necks.

shell bottle
The sea glass and shell bottles are lined up along with some wine bottles on the kitchen counter top.