Backyard Pool Designs Ideas for Beach Bums & Coastal Living Enthusiasts

Beach Entry Pool Design Idea
Beach entry pool design idea featured on 11 Beach Yard Design Ideas that Will Make your Inner Beach Bum Happy. This backyard pool surely makes you feel like you are at the beach.  

Beach Pool Designs
Who needs a beach vacation with a dreamy backyard pool like this! Via Houzz.

Tropical Backyard Pool Design Idea
Tropical Backyard pool design idea with an island style gazebo to provide shelter and shade. Via Houzz.

Backyard Pool Design with Small Pool House
A small pool house is another lovely idea. Similar to a Garden Shed Getaway, it's a cozy spot to hang out and it can double as a retreat for guests. Featured on Key West Cottage Living.

Above Ground Beach Pool Design Idea
If your backyard is tiny, you might want to opt for an above the ground pool. Featured on Houzz.

Coastal Nautical Theme Sitting Nook Pool Area
No matter what pool design, you can create a sitting nook with a coastal theme like this one seen HERE.

Sea Turtle Shape Pool Design Idea
Take your favorite ocean animal as an inspiration for an animal shaped pool design, like this sea turtle for example. Original image source unknown.

Beach Pool Fountain Desin
Add a coastal fountain to your pool and relax to the soothing sound of the water. For more ideas like this, see these Beach Zen Garden Landscaping Ideas.

Coastal Mosaic Pool Border Design Idea
Art and craft lovers might enjoy an intrinsic mosaic design for their backyard pool oasis. Seen at Travel and Leisure.

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