Octopus Designs for your Home Decor

Octopus designs are making a big splash in the home decor world.

Octopus Candle Candelabra

Octopus are amazing animals. These intelligent sea creatures are depicted in drawings, paintings and on textiles, and have inspired many home decor accessories. This round up features some favorite octopus designs.

Octopus Art

Octopus Art above Sofa
Above octopus in a Naples, FL, condo, seen at Sothebys.

octopus bowl
Octopus Serving Stand from Pottery Barn -No longer available.

Octopus Bowl

Octopus Sculptures Figurines

octopus designs

Image: Original source no longer available.

octopus pillows

This octopus pillow is from the DL Rhein collection featured on Pillow Decorating Tips & Shopping. Photo via Pinterest.

Red Embroidered Octopus Pillow

octopus door mat

octopus fabric
Find an octopus Fabric to create personalized home decor. This design is by Thomas Paul.

Fun facts about the octopus:
They’re the only invertebrates known to use tools. They have exceptional short- and long-term memories. And they have the keenest eyes of any sea creature, with an oblong slit for a pupil and no blind spot. Octopus also have three hearts (one main heart and two smaller ones), and can taste in eight directions. They swim by jet propulsion, squirt ink, and communicate by changing their skin into patterns of shimmering color. Plus their body is so versatile that it can be squeezed through the tiniest opening.