Upholstering a Chair Coastal Style -How To & Upholstered Chair Ideas

Examples of great upholstered chairs with Coastal Fabric, followed by a tutorial and fabric sources.

Sofa chair upholstered in seashell fabric in a New England home, featured here.

Upholstered Chairs in Shell Fabric
Chic upholstered chairs seen at Kathleen Hay Designs.

Red Lobster Fabric Upholstered Chair
Chair upholstered with Lobster Fabric.

Coastal Upholstered Accent Side Chairs
Traditional upholstered chairs with a sea life pattern via CVI Design.

Coastal Sofa Chair
Original source no longer available.

Wing Chair Upholstery Makeover
A spectacular wing chair makeover. Original source unknown.

Upholstered Coral branch Chair
A Coral Chair. Bold and elegant.

Coral Fabric Upholstered French Chair
A coastal upholstered chair fit for a queen. Via FB of Completely Coastal Furniture in Jacksonville FL.

upholstering a chair
A whimsical map design on a classic wing chair. Seen at Lonny.

coastal chair with palms
Tropical palms, seen at Coastal Living.

Vanguard chair with seascape
This upholstered coastal chair features an image. Source unknown.

upholstering sofa chairs
Swivel chairs upholstered in a playful sea life theme fabric. Source unknown.

upholstered coral chair
Something more minimal. Source unknown.

nautical chair with stripes and anchor
Chic nautical upholstered chair with stripes. Seen a Maison du Monde.

nautical wing chair
Nautical flag chair from The Well Appointed House.

upholstered nautical chair
Another take on nautical in a Cottage by the Sea.

seahorse chair
A coastal upholstered chair gone wild with seahorses. Source no longer available.

upholstered chaise
Chaise in shell fabric. Source no longer available.

If upholstering a chair is in your future, check out these fabric sources:
Nautical & Beach Fabrics
Coastal Photo Fabrics
Nautical Upholstery Fabrics on Ebay

In a nutshell: Strip the chair of its original fabric and use the pieces as pattern. Then pin the pieces wrong sides out onto the chair. Remove pinned cover and sew it together, with welting reinforcing the seams. Put sewn cover back on the chair. It should fit like a glove.

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