6 Signs You Are Meant to Live by the Sea

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Inspired by House Beautiful's article 12 Signs You're Meant To Have A Beach House I created my own list of 6 (undeniable) signs you are meant to live by the sea!

Signs you are meant to live by the Sea

Let's see if your home checks all six signs! Image featured here.

You Collect Seashells
You collect seashells and proudly Display your Seashell Collections throughout the house. Image via Curious Details.

Crush on Coastal Patterns
You have a crush on coastal patterns and motifs, from coral to sea life to nautical. Be it in the form of Pillows, a Throw on the sofa, a Painted Furniture Piece, Bedding, Wallpaper, a Rug, or a Fabulous Upholstered Sofa Chair in a Coastal Fabric, it's part of your home's decor. Chair via Southern New England Home.

Natural Fiber Rugs for the Sandy Look and Feel
You mimic the look of the sand and feeling of stepping on it with a Natural Fiber Rug, such as a Jute or Sisal Rug. Living room via Pottery Barn (first link).

Coastal Art on your Walls
Coastal Art covers your walls. Via 21 Coastal Gallery Walls.

Coastal and Nautical Items and Objects
Coastal and nautical themed items and objects are spread throughout your home. A Beachy Candle Holder here, a Starfish Bowl there, just to mention a few! Via One King's Lane. Love the driftwood fish? Find it here. For coastal bookends, check out this Post!

And lastly, white and shades of ocean blue are your home's main color scheme. Via.

Is it time to move close to the sea? White Space White Space

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