Coastal Living Room Color Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens

Explore these coastal, beach and nautical living room color ideas from Better Homes and Garden.
Coastal Living Room Idea
All of Better Homes and Gardens coastal living room ideas achieved a serene seaside feel, with variations in Color Schemes. While watery shades of turquoise are a familiar nod to coastal decor, Red also has a Place. Inspired by Coral, a few hints of red bring something unexpected to the space.

Living Rooms from Better Homes and Gardens
Clean white interiors are a great backdrop for a colorful focal point in a room. Here it's the distressed blue Coffee Table. To make pops of color stand out even more in a neutral room, repeat bright colors only a few times, such as in one or two pieces of artwork or accessories.

Ocean Blue Cottage Living Room
In this living room, Ocean Blue Paint along the top of the wall plays up the room’s architecture, such as the beamed ceiling, trimwork, and Fireplace wall. Accessories throughout the living room carry the color. While the white carries the cottage vibe intended for the space, the unexpected comes by way of black accents on a singular throw pillow and two framed prints. Adding a hint of something a little different will give a space its own personal look.

Coastal Cottage Neutral Color Scheme
The pale blue/green color dominates in this living room. By limiting the color palette and sticking with light colors, the room feels Calm and Refreshing. Love the wicker basket idea for storage? Then head over to Decorating with Wicker Baskets | Shopping Sources.

Yellow Pastel Living Room
This beach-inspired room introduces a pastel Yellow to emphasize the home's peaceful qualities. By pairing the yellow with other pastels, the room relies on patterns to add contrast. Tip: Be careful not to overdo pastels, or your room will start looking too cute.

How to Create Contrast in Living Room
Bright red and blue patterned Throw Pillows pack a punch of contrast while keeping the space calm and relaxing. Dark wood furniture prevents the space from looking washed out.

White Nautical Coastal Cottage Living Room
Just a few hues -white, aqua, navy, silver, and a little seashell pink- create Cottage Charm and a peaceful rhythm in this coastal living room, featured here.

Living Room with White and Navy Blue Color Scheme
Use navy blues, Sandy Beiges, and wave-cap whites to create a neutral living room that will satisfy your seaside yearnings. Against the white furnishings and accessories, coastal colors and Beachcombed Treasures are highlighted.

Red StripeSofa in Living Room
Another example where red is added into the color scheme. Bright red gives this living room a nautical vibe.

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