8 Favorite Beach Craft Ideas

Beach crafts that utilize treasures gathered along the shore in the most creative way.

beach craft ideas
Of all the Mobiles, Chimes and Garlands, this mobile is simple and intriguing, seen in a Beach House. There is no tutorial to go along with it. I guess it's trial and error when it comes to the balancing act. This beach craft idea requires you to Drill Holes in Shells and Driftwood.

beach wreath
Anything sunburst made with driftwood makes for a striking beachy wall piece, be it a Sunburst Mirror or a Wreath like this one, made by Nancy Lee.

shell covered lamp

Of all the tings you can cover with shells, Shell Mirrors and Shell Lamps are a favorite. Made by Connecting Pieces.

beach shell candles
If you love shells and candles, Shell Candles it is! Via BHG.

beach vases
Arranging beach finds in jars and vases is a very simple beach craft idea that can be executed in lots of different ways. You'll find plenty of great examples here, here, and here. Via Home Spun with Love.

beach collage art

Make an amazing Beach Collage piece. Via Natasha Burns. This beach craft idea allows for so much creativity. You can combine anything that you want; shells, and little bits of this and that. Whatever you find along the shore. The foundation for this piece is beach sand.

beach wall art
Another awesome idea for a beach composition. Use a barn wood frame or wood box. Made by Tamy. She hot glued various shells, driftwood and fish netting in it, then stuck an Air Plant in the center.

beach stepping stones

For an outdoor beach craft idea, think Stepping Stones. You can create lovely mosaics with seaglass, shell pieces, and beach pebbles. Original source unknown.