Painted Beach Art Chairs

These painted beach art chairs will make you want to take out the brush and makeover a chair.

beach art chairs
I spotted these two Adirondack Chairs in front of Nora Butler's store in Naples, FL, painted with whimsical sea life illustrations. If you are artistic you will have no problem painting a design free hand. If you're not, Paint with Stencils.

painted beach Adirondack chairs
Beach art chair spotted in a quaint seaside neighborhood in Jupiter, FL.

painted beach chair
You can see the step-by-step making of this painted beach chair here.

art chairs
Beach Art Chairs painted by artist P.J. Cook.

beach chair pattern
Paint this serene summer design on any chair. You can order the pattern at Distinctive Brush Strokes.

stenciled beach stools
Find old stools and make them over with paint and stencils. These Beach Stools had a former life as Dental Assistants' stools.

painted stool with anchor
A painted stool like this would make a great accent for a bathroom or a kitchen, or use as a side table.

painted Adirondack chairs with anchors
Art Adirondack chairs sure add great appeal to store fronts. This great pair resides in front of Take a Peak, a store on Peaks Island in Maine, painted by Francesca Joy. Inspired to paint your very own beach art chair?

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