Stencil Furniture Makeovers with a Coastal, Nautical & Ocean Theme

Jazz up furniture with coastal stencils! From tables to dressers to chairs & beyond.

Bench Makeover with Beach Stencils

Here are some ideas for Furniture Makeovers with coastal stencils. Depending on your furniture piece, a makeover can be as easy as adding a single stencil, or as elaborate as a paint transformation with a stencil pattern and/or words stenciled on.

Stenciled Bar Stools with a Nautical Theme
Stenciled bar stools in a home by Design Bountiful

stenciled beach stools

Coastal Stencil Furniture Makeovers

Nautical Martha Stewart Stencils

TV Table Makeover Ideas

Stained Nautical Anchor Table

magazine table makeover with seahorses and saying

seahorse stencil on furniture

Nightstand Makeover with Compass Stencil

Compass Stencil

white painted wicker chairs

Coastal and Ocean Theme Stencils

Most coastal and nautical stencils that can be readily purchase online are smaller in size, up to 8 or 10 inches max. If you need your stencil to be larger, you might have to cutout your own stencil design from paper.

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