One Coastal Home with 15 Vessels of Seashell Display Ideas

A coastal home with 15 different vessels holding collected seashells and sea treasures. Be inspired & shop the look.

An Australian coastal home with an awesome variety of Shell Decor Ideas, using all kinds of different vessels to create beautiful organized displays. From vases, to divided platters, to tiered stands and beyond.

Tall Glass Cylinder Rope Vase

Decorative Seaglass Apothecary Jar

Cloche Display Vignette Ideas

Decorative Lanterns for Displays

Be it a modern lantern or an antique lantern, these vessels usually come with a door, so your shells would fill the bottom part. To give your display height, add a Coastal Figurine or a Coral Piece, for example.

Hanging Glass Globe Seashell Beach Terrarium

Decorative Clam Bowl

Large Plate for Shell Display

Decorative Wood Snack Bowl

Two Tier Trays for Shell Display

Display shells in tiered serving trays or cake stands. Who needs cake when you have seashells! In any case, these vessels make great focal points and table centerpieces. 

Tow Tier Jewelry Bowl

If cute and charming is your style, look for a tiered jewelry stand with trays. 

Wooden Sailboat Used as Bowl

For a Nod to Nautical, find a wooden boat that offers space your collected shells.

DIY Driftwood Branches Bleached Wood Sticks

DIY Driftwood bundled up in a wicker basket. If you can't find driftwood on your shores, collect some branches and sticks to make your own.

And for Christmas, find some seasonal items that can be filled with sea treasures like this wooden sled.

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If you have ever wondered what to do with your beautiful collected seashells, you will find ideas and inspiration here. Discover ideas you would have never thought of.

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