Clear Glass Hurricanes | Decorating Ideas with Candles, Beach Sand, Shells, & more

These clear glass hurricanes are perfect for creating beach theme displays with sand, shells and more.

Clear Glass Hurricane Candle Holder Decorating Ideas with Shells
The name hurricane originally referred to tall (open bottom) glass chimneys placed around candlesticks to protect the flame from drafts. Nowadays the name hurricane is used for tall glass vases and candle holders (that have bottoms), and they are perfect for beach sand and shell displays, with or without candles. Here are some beautiful hurricane decorating ideas with a coastal beach theme and sources where to purchase these clear glass hurricanes.

Large Glass Hurricane Pillar Candle Holder

Clear Glass Hurricane Vase Beach Terrarium Idea
Beach filled clear glass hurricane idea without candle (original source unknown). If you don't use a candle, fill up the vertical space with Faux Coral Branches or Driftwood. The glass hurricane is complemented by a similar beach theme display in an Apothecary Jar

Clear Glass Candle Holder Coastal Decor Ideas

Beach Hurricane Table Centerpiece
A row of glass hurricanes filled with beach sand and candles looking gorgeous as a centerpiece. Original source unknown.