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A fillable glass lamp gives you the opportunity to showcase your sea treasure collections and other small objects. You can customize these beautiful lamps with items that are meaningful to you! Fillable glass lamps come in all kinds of styles and sizes, so I'm sure you'll find one that's just right for you. Here is a selection.

keepsake lamp

Amazon carries a wide variety of Fillable Glass Lamps, such as this lovely Keepsake Lamp with a cork top.

Fillable Glass Table Lamps in Different Shapes & Sizes
To view all of Amazon's fillable glass lamps, browse here!

Another place to look for a variety of fillable glass table lamps is Caron's Beach House. The Thick Glass Display Lamp is beautiful.

Fillable Glass Table Lamps from Caron's Beach House
To brows all fillable glass lamps from Caron's Beach House, click here!

Open Top Fillable Lamp
And an Open Top Fillable Lamp from Pier 1's Table Lamp Collection.

Fill your glass lamp with seashells, sea glass, beach pebbles, small driftwood sticks, or layers of sand from different beaches! You can see examples here, here, and here. Let your personal style shine!
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Anonymous said...

Way cool!! Modern twist to a nostalgic fav

jenna said...

just got these!!! the cylinder ones ~ they are fantastic

all things * jane said...

These are really neat. I just featured these on my blog! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

Anonymous said...

These are great... does anyone know where I can get something like this deliverable to the UK?

Thanks - Adam

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...


I personally don't. But it's hard to believe that something similar isn't produced in the UK. I hope that you find what you're looking for. I love those fillable glass lamps! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a small fillable lamp...night stand size.

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