Coastal Resin Tray DIY Ideas | Shells, Palm Leaf & more

You can encapsulate anything flat-ish in Cast Resin -and a tray is the perfect functional item for it.

DIY Resin Tray Ideas with Shells Shell Crafts

Pour-on resin is a nifty material, and these beautiful DIY coastal resin trays give you an idea what you can do with it. Shell Crafts, of course, are very popular, and the first two resin tray ideas are just that -encapsulated shells! These gorgeous seashell resin trays are mesmerizing to look at! For the step by step tutorial, click on the link.

DIY Seashell Resin Tray

If you want to start small with this resin shell craft idea, try these DIY Seashell Resin Coasters first!

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Coastal Resin Tray DIY

The striking palm leaf resin tray above is made with Artificial Palm Leaves and Easy CastEnvirotex (from the same company) is another pour-on casting material that can be used to create a resin tray. 

What else would make an awesome coastal resin tray? Beach PhotosVintage Beach Postcards, Navigational Maps, Coastal Fabric, just to name a few more ideas.