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Oyster shells make very pretty candle holders.

oyster shell candle holder tutorial
Gorgeous DIY oyster shell votive candle holder from Waterside Cottages. Source no longer available. This oyster shell candle holder is made without a base. See brief instructions below. To make the process easier, you could use a round wood or cork base.

Here's how to make a oyster shell candle holder in brief: 
Work the oyster shell candle holder from top down, holding five shells with interior surface upwards. Arrange oysters shells into a cup, making sure a tea light will fit inside, then glue the shells in place, using a hot glue gun. To attach more layers, turn cup upside down. Add shells as feet, if necessary, so the candle holder lays flat.

If you can't find oyster shells on the beach, you can either go and slurp a few dozen oysters at a restaurant and take them home, or pick up a bag from a local oyster factory -that is how this Oyster Shell Mirror was created.

DIY oyster shell candle holder
A beautiful oyster shell candle holder will put you in a very relaxing mood! The hammock, of course, helps too. Picture source unknown.

Oyster Shell Votive Tealight Candle Holder

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