A Tiny Cottage in Coastal California

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A dream come true tiny cottage in coastal California. Come step inside!

tiny cottage in coastal California
Jain of A quiet Life had been dreaming long and hard of a tiny cottage, a second home to slip away to, where she could sit lazily and do nothing but enjoy the sounds of the sea.

tiny coastal cottage
And as you probably guessed, her dream became a reality -a tiny cottage in coastal California near Carmel, sitting high on a bluff just as she had envisioned it.

coastal cottage tablescape outdoors
The tiny cottage is old and needed work... "but its perfect for us, something to grow into and nurture." Jain says. "I have been waiting a lifetime, I have named it SEA DREAM." A beautiful and suitable name! Sea Dream is now all decked out with beautiful coastal decor, and it's easy to recognize Jain's passion -dishes and tablescapes!

coastal tablescape
A close up of an indoor tablescape that she calls dipping into the sea.

coastal cottage decor
Adding colors with fruit and flowers from the cottage garden.

tiny cottage living room
The cozy living room is a homage to the sea.

coastal boxes
Neatly stacked boxes atop a cupboard. On the far left a lovely decorated jar that I had seen pop up in one of her tablescapes.

coastal vignette
A close up of one of the coastal vignettes inside a cupboard.

coastal cottage bedroom
In the bedroom you find neutral relaxing colors.

cozy bedroom sitting nook
And there is a sitting nook to contemplate at the end of the day. And she too has a couple of adorable Shore Birds! I'd say, Jain's tiny cottage in coastal California is a SEA DREAM inside and out! White Space White Space

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