Wall Sconce Shelves to Display Collections

How to use wall sconce shelves for coastal decor.

wall sconce shelves wall decor ideas
Think of wall sconce shelves as pedestal for things that you want to celebrate, highlight,  and showcase. It's a striking way to Display a Coastal Collection, especially if you devote an entire wall to your composition of wall sconce shelves, as on this Wall Above the Bed that elevates Coral Sculptures, featured at Coastal Living.

wall sconces as wall art
Wall sconce accent wall via The Nester. While the wall sconces above the bed were all the same, here the wall sconce shelves have different designs, but painted the same color they make for a beautiful cohesive  looking display. The sconces were collected from thrift stores.

wall sconce shelf with sea life
You can also arrange a grouping of sea treasures. As seen here.

vintage wall sconce shelves in bathroom
Examples of wall sconce shelves in Bathrooms. More groupings on the left (original source unknown), and lovely vintage shelves on the right via BHG.

Wall Sconce Shelf Ideas for the Bathroom
Wall sconce shelves in a Jersey Shore Home by A & J Interiors.

seahorse wall sconce shelf
A seahorse wall sconce shelf spotted at The Charm of Home.