Currey & Companys Oyster Shell Mirror | Shop or DIY

The beautiful oyster shell mirror from Currey & Company. Shop or DIY.

Currey Oyster Shell Mirrors above Bed Bedroom Mirrors

currey and company oyster mirror
The owner of this home, featured on Good Housekeeping, splurged on two beautiful Currey and Company Mirrors. If you love the oyster shell mirror but don't want to reach this deep into your wallet, it's not too hard to decorate a mirror frame with oyster shells.

decorate mirror frame
The hard part about making the oyster shell mirror is to get the oyster shells from oyster bars and restaurants, said Janis Turk, who shared her project with me. The prep work was a bit challenging as well, cleaning all the shells.

oyster mirror frame
For the frame, a flat wood frame is what you want for this oyster shell mirror project. Then have a mirror cut to fit the frame.

This is how Janis created the oyster shell mirror:
"I got liquid nails (clear) in big tube (like a caulk-gun tube), and then I glued them on with gobs of the stuff (probably over did it, but since the edges are not flat, it filled in the gaps). The best ones to use are the largest and flattest kind you can find. I had this big box of shells, and I went through it and picked out the prettiest, cleanest, shiniest and flattest oysters. I glued them on rather quickly. This took less than an hour. I put two rows of rather large oysters on the frame. I let it sit overnight and most of the next day. Then, I bought a can of shiny shellac-like finish in a spray can and sprayed the whole thing. This brought the luster back to the shells that had been bleached a bit too much."

decorate mirror frame with oyster shells
The finished oyster shell mirror.

oyster shell mirror
And here is another DIY Currey & Company style oyster shell mirror, seen in this Eco Friendly Artful Home on Indian Pass Beach, FL.