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You might recall the stunning DIY Wisteria Oyster Mirror! Now, thanks to a reader, I'm able to post a tutorial for an equally amazing mirror frame that looks exactly like the one from Currey and Company.

mirrors above bed
First peek, a duo of oyster shell mirrors at Coastal Living.

currey and company oyster mirror
The owner of this home, featured on Good Housekeeping, splurged on two beautiful Currey and Company mirrors, paying $330 each (pay $275 at Ocean Offerings). But if you don't want to reach this deep into your wallet, it's easy to decorate a mirror frame with oyster shells!

decorate mirror frame
Well, it's easy once the hard part is behind you. According to Janis Turk who shared her project with me, the prep work is a bit of a challenge. Here's what she wrote, "I collected dozens and dozens of oysters from a few oyster bars/restaurants and took them home in an ice chest. I hosed them off in the yard, soaked them in a bleach solution overnight (be careful when doing that. I rather over-bleached the first batch of them, and the pearl-like finish of the shells came off. I should have used much less bleach and more water). They were still stinky and sandy, so I washed them some more in the sink, and dried them out in a warm oven (yes, it smelled a bit)." Janis also tried to grind off the back of an oyster with a grinder (trying to make them flatter and thinner and not so heavy), but that was completely futile.

Now that all the oyster shells are squeaky clean, the easy part begins!

oyster mirror frame
You want a flat wood frame for this project. Janis bought hers at Hobby Lobby in the scratch and dent area of the store, then had a piece of mirror cut to fit the frame at a local glass/window repair shop. So let's hear from her how to decorate the mirror frame.

"I got liquid nails (clear) in big tube (like a caulk-gun tube), and then I glued them on with gobs of the stuff (probably over did it, but since the edges are not flat, it filled in the gaps). The best ones to use are the largest and flattest kind you can find. I had this big box of shells, and I went through it and picked out the prettiest, cleanest, shiniest and flattest oysters. I glued them on rather quickly. This took less than an hour. I put two rows of rather large oysters on the frame. I let it sit overnight and most of the next day. Then, I bought a can of shiny shellac-like finish in a spray can and sprayed the whole thing. This brought the luster back to the shells that had been bleached a bit too much."

decorate mirror frame with oyster shells
I think the mirror frame is gorgeous -just like Currey and Company's mirror! "Making these mirrors was really worth the trouble in the end!" Janis says. "It was such a success, that I made a second mirror. They now flank each side of my dining room table. They look stunning, and I want to make another one for my sister. This time I'd like to do an oval mirror."

Thank you so much Janis for sharing this project and encouraging all of us to tackle a master piece like this oyster mirror frame!

Also notice. Either side of the oyster shells look great! Here the pearly inside is shown while the DIY Wisteria Oyster Mirror displays the rustic outside.

oyster shell mirror
And I had forgotten all about this stunning square oyster shell mirror, featured on An Eco Friendly Artful Home on Indian Pass Beach, FL. A beauty, don't you think?

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Desire Empire said...

This is so pretty Maya

Sherry Calamia said...

I love this mirror! I have been collecting oyster shell from the beach for a while to make this mirror. I hope it come out as beautiful as Janis's Mirror!

Sherri said...

Maya, what a pretty mirror. All the work to get the smell out of the shells makes you understand the price of those pricey mirrors! Thanks for sharing!

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