Vintage Coastal & Nautical Flea Market Finds

Find some cool vintage coastal & nautical flea market finds without having to do the footwork.

vintage nautical flea market finds letters

Start your search for vintage coastal and nautical decor at Seastyle, a South Florida based Online Etsy Store that sells vintage finds from area marine flea markets. From gorgeous Wood Letters made from old Indonesian ships, to shabby buoys, to ship lights and beyond. Check out the vintage pics and click on the links below to browse all vintage finds on Etsy.

vintage lobster buoys
A selection of Decorative Vintage Lobster Buoys.

vintage nautical ship light
Nautical Ship Lights from shipwrecking yards where retired ships and their tools are collected. The lights are cleaned and polished.

vintage nautical jug with netting
And authentic Vintage Rum Jugs in Rope Netting that was used as a water jug on board.