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I'm loving these exterior house color schemes!

house color schemes
This is a bird's eye view of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, with homes in all the colors of the rainbow. Photo by Travel Punk.

Florida house colors
Watercolor is one of several communities that line the shores of Florida's panhandle that sports delicious house color schemes. Other examples are Rosemary Beach, Grayton Beach, and famed Seaside (remember The Truman Show?). Hop over to Southern Hospitality and take a tour of Seaside: Colorful Beach Cottages. Photo by Littoraria.

Whitestable house colors
Exterior house color schemes gone candy. Fabulous homes in Whitstable, a quaint Edwardian seaside town in North Kent, England. Photo by Steffan Macmillan.

house colors Italy
A taste of the oh so wonderful Mediterranean with a town called Camogli in the northern part of Italy, not far from the French Riviera. Photo by Valentina.

exterior house colors Mexico
Exterior colors Mexican style. Beach resort Rincon de Guayabitos is said to be a little-known gem on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Photo by Gerard Bosch.

houses in Atlantic Beach NC
Or want to Rent one of these Beach Houses in the Sea Dreams neighborhood of Atlantic Beach, N.C.? Photo by Tierra Images.

colorful homes California
And sweet California dreaming in these adorable homes along the Santa Monica beach promenade. Photo by Terra Galleria.
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