Shell House Architecture in Mexico

Architecture has always been inspired by nature, its patterns, forms and structures. These two shell house designs are an extreme example of that.

shell house Isla Mujeres
Two unique houses located in Mexico inspired by seashells. 

The Shell House on the island of Isla Mujeres is bright white, and perfectly situated on a seaside road. Designed by and for famous artist Octavio Ocampo, the shell house architecture includes ornamental and artistic parts, like the spiked roof.

shell house
You see the spiral shell pattern and shell motif throughout.

shell wall sconce
A very cool Shell Wall Sconce.

Shell Shower Head
And a shell shower head.

shell house Mexico
The shell house design may be extreme, but when it comes to materials used, it is fairly traditional, mostly built of concrete. Want to experience life inside a shell, this shell house is a vacation rental.

Senosiain shell house
The shell house design by architect Javier Senosiain has non of the white washed beachy appeal of the shell house on Isla Mujeres. Well, it's located in Mexico City. And Senosiain is an admirer of Antoni Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright.

shell house design
The house is very cave like, mimicking the chambers of the shell. From organic patterns to winding stone paths, there isn't a straight line in the whole place. The large stained glass wall must be the architect's interpretation of light glowing through the shell.

shell house Mexico City
This shell house is a fairy tale wonderland as well as a very safe haven for the family who lives in it. Constructed from a durable combination of steel wire and special super-thick concrete, it can withstand earthquakes that periodically shock the city. To view more pictures, click here.