The Beverly Hills Iconic Tropical Leaf Wallpaper

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If a lush tropical paradise is your idea of a beach getaway, Hinson's iconic tropical leaf wallpaper has you covered -Beverly Hills style!

tropical leaf wallpaper
The huge scale banana leaf wallpaper gives you a big welcome when you step into the tiny vestibule of this NYC loft. Featured at House Beautiful. A bold design idea.

banana leaf wallpaper
I would stay-cation here! I feel transported to a far away tropical island. The big furniture pieces are awesome. Not only do I imagine them being super comfortable, but they complement the large pattern of the wallpaper perfectly. Designed by Tracy Murdock -go see her bold Wall Stripes!

The Beverly Hills Hotel with banana leafs
Now to the Beverly Hills part. The iconic Banana Leaf Wallpaper was made famous by The Beverly Hills Hotel in LA where it has been part of the decor since the 1940s.

Beverly Hills tropical leaf wallpaper
The City of Beverly Hills made the hotel its first official landmark last year. The tropical leaf wallpaper (all five miles of it) are left intact.

leaf wallpaper in Nikki Hilton's home
The wallpaper appeared on TV shows such as Golden Girls and Friends. Here you see it in Nikki Hilton's Beverly Hill chic dining room.

tropical leaf wallpaper Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus chose the leaf wallpaper for his living room, featured at Elle Decor.

tropical wallpaper in powder room
Tropical leaf wallpaper for a powder room. So fun!

tropical wallpaper at Indochine NYC
And at the restaurant Indochine in New York City. It's on my list of places to go, to soak up the tropics with a fancy drink in hand! Update:I finally made it, and saw the tropical leaf wallpaper in person. It sure is a tropical treat! But I was underwhelmed by the condition of furnishings in the lounge area. They had seen much better days, and need replacement. White Space

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