How to Build Decorative Shutters with Cutouts of Starfish

Build your own decorative shutters with a coastal theme!

How to Build Decorative Shutters with Cutouts
Decorative shutters, be it Exterior Shutters or Interior Shutters, bring so much cottage charm to a home, and it isn't too hard to build decorative shutters yourself. Here's an example, with step by step tutorial, of adorable shutters with starfish cutouts by Thrifter in Disguise.

To build the shutters, common boards from Home Depot were used, plus shorter pieces to place across the top and bottom (to hold the boards together and complete the look). A starfish is a fairly easy image to cut out with a jigsaw, but, of course, you can pick any image you'd like. A sailboat, anchor, lighthouse, shell, fish, you name it.