3 Coastal Interior Design & Decor Styles Defined | Find your Style with 3 Words

Find your coastal decor style with the 3 words style method inspired by Pottery Barns Coastal Lookbook.

3 Word Style Method to Find your Interior Design and Decor Style
Pottery Barn defines their coastal interior design and decor style in 3 words. This reminds me of the 3 word method to get clear on your fashion style. You can do the same thing when it comes to your home! 

Find Your Decor Style with the 3 Word Method:
Find 3 words that describe how you want to feel in your space and/or the vibe you want to achieve.  Examples could be: Natural, warm, timeless, or beachy, casual, laid-back (taking cues from Pottery Barn). Use these 3 words to help you make decisions for your interiors and as a guideline when shopping for your home. No more wasting time and money on things that don't align with your style. Everything has to pass the 3 word test!

So here are the 3 coastal interior design and decor styles defined by Pottery Barns Coastal Lookbook. They might resonate with you and help you find your 3 words. 

Classic Coastal Style Interior Design and Decor Ideas
Classic Coastal 
Soulful Blue and Summer Whites. 
Familiar and Timeless. 

Soulful blues, crisp whites, and vibrant patterns create a look that’s familiar and timeless.

Beach House Style Interior Design and Decor Ideas
Beach House
Fresh Whites. Woven Textures. 
Laid-Back and Sun-Soaked.

Woven textures, fresh whites, and beachy motifs evoke sun-soaked days and candlelit nights.

Neutral Coastal Style Interior Design and Decor Ideas
Coastal Neutrals
Organic Textures. Neutral Layers.
Subtle and Soothing.

Sun-washed finishes, golden undertones, and classic details create warm and inviting spaces.